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The XIV was introduced in 1910 to fill the gap between the new tabletop VV-X and VV-XI models and the $200 flagship VV-XVI.  The earliest XIV models had a square, rather plain look, with minimal decorative trim and unusual curved Queen Anne legs (left). These models used gold plated hardware. The design was modernized in late 1912 (right), initially appearing more like an oversized version of its cheaper cousin, the VV-XI. At the same time, the gold plating on the hardware was replaced with a nickel plate. The cabinet was again changed in 1914 (below left), and increased in size, appearing more and more similar to its "big brother" VV-XVI model. The final cabinet change occurred in 1917 (below right) until production was ended in 1921. The XIV was available in a variety of wood finishes, but mahogany was by far the most popular choice. The early Queen Anne model is sought-after by collectors today. 

The original 1910 selling price of the XIV (in standard mahogany, oak or walnut) was $150.00. At the end of its production run, it sold for $200.00. An estimated total of 270,000 Victrola XIV's were produced. NOTE: Several large blocks of serial numbers were skipped during production on this model; thus the highest serial number and total production numbers will not directly correspond.


The current collector database shows the earliest existent VV-XIV to be S/N 509 and the latest to be S/N 276997.

Manufacture Date Serial Number Range Feature Notes
1910 501-2000 Queen Anne style cabinet. Round speed bezel.
1911 2000-9000        
1912 9001-19700  Queen Anne cabinet discontinued at s/n 9750. Serial numbers from 9750 through 13500 were skipped in production. Newly designed cabinet was introduced in September, and has crescent moon carvings on front side posts. Some machines have a B suffix.
1913 19701-39000 Semi-auto brake added at s/n 22415. Crescent bezel speed control added at s/n 28000.  Exposed speed indicator used on some (not all) examples after s/n 29500. B, C or D suffices used. 
1914 39000-54000 D suffix used early in year. Large glass speed indicator adopted at s/n 47601, along with change to E suffix. Cabinet design changed at E suffix, with carved side post "flare" moved downward toward mid-cabinet. Crescent moon carving eliminated.
1915 54000-79600 E suffix
1916 79601-116000 E suffix
1917 116000-149500 Early year example use E suffix. Small glass speed indicator used after s/n 126100; suffix letter dropped after serial number later in year.  Cabinet modernized and enlarged, similar to XVI. 
1918 149500-172500 No. 2 Soundbox used
1919 172500-203300    
1920 203300-257000  
1921 257000-276500  


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