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Victrola Information Submission Form

Submissions made to the master Victrola Database are used to compile date, feature, and design information as a reference for collectors and hobbyists. This also provides a good cross-section of what types of machines are still existent. Such is useful when putting together the pieces of Victrola history.  

Submitters are asked to read the pages "Identifying Victor Products" so that all questions can be answered as accurately as possible. If you are unsure of a question, please leave it blank. 

No personal information is required; however, an email address is advisable. This is only so that I can contact you with additional questions if you happen to have a rare or unusual model, or if your information is incomplete or incorrect. Email addresses are deleted once the data is entered, and are not included in the database. Email information is never used to for "spam" purposes. If you have a question to ask, I must have your email address.

Also please note that I will not provide free appraisals or respond to questions relating to topics that are already covered elsewhere on this website.

Important!!!  Do NOT hit the "RETURN" or "ENTER" key when filling out the form below.  You will reset the form and lose your information. Simply enter the information in each box and scroll down, or use "TAB" to move to the following selection. Then click on the "SUBMIT" button.

1. Please enter ALL the stamped information on the metal dataplate of your Victrola (located in the "boxed" section of the plate). For lidded Victrolas, the plate is located near the motorboard. For most non-lidded (open) Victrolas, the plate is located on the side of the cabinet. On some models, the plate is located underneath the turntable (turntable must be lifted straight up to remove). Please include the model identification, serial number, and all prefix and suffix letters, along with any dashes (-) before or after the model designation (VV-IX-). Some suffix letters are very small and hard to see, located far to the right of the serial number. Please check carefully. 

Enter Data Here:     

If you don't include the complete and accurate serial number (the long number sequence on the right side of the plate), your submission will be automatically deleted!

Example:  Granada  10083:              Example:  VV-XIA  514892:              Example:  VV XVI  52322 D (note the small "D" suffix under the arrow far to the right):


2. Select the type of finish. See the page Woods and Finishes for specifics. 


3. Enter the date from the license sticker's lower left hand corner. The license sticker is located on the bottom of tabletop models. Stickers for floor models can be located on the back, underneath, or on the cabinet inner wall inside the record storage area. See How Can I Identify A Victrola for specifics. If the license sticker is missing or damaged, please skip this question. Please DO NOT enter any other patent date or information from anywhere else but the lower left of the license sticker!!


Typical location of "Date" information:

4. What kind of speed control is used?  See pictures below.



     Simple Knob              Crescent Bezel             Round Bezel         Large Glass Cover      Exposed Needle      Small Glass Cover    Screw Adjustment



5. How would you classify the overall condition of this Victrola?



6. Any general comments? (special finish, special markings, specific questions about this model, etc.) 

Please note: Due to the high volume of emails, I will not respond to questions if the appropriate answers can found on this website. Please take the time to explore this site before asking.

I do not provide free appraisals or price guesstimates.

Please do not use this space to request parts, restoration services or instructions. I will not respond. See the "Services" page for information on professional appraisals, restorations and technical support. Thanks!

Note: Due to the high number of "SPAM" submissions and hotlinks to advertising websites, comments are now limited to 250 characters, so please be brief.



7. (OPTIONAL) Your email address*


* Submitted Email addresses are NEVER used for solicitation or "spam". Emails are used ONLY to answer questions or in the event you have a rare or unusual Victrola and additional information is needed. All email addresses are deleted before the information is entered into the database. Please note that I can't be responsible for hackers or "spoofers" who may illegally use this website URL for other purposes without authorization.


Thanks for your submission!

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