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VV-360 / VE-360

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The VV-360 was one of three short-lived "Art Case" upright Victrolas that were introduced in the fall of 1924, just in time for the Christmas selling season.  These models, the VV-350, VV-360 and VV-370 were concurrently launched at a time when phonograph sales were approaching an all-time low. Radio was the big seller that year, and Victor became increasingly desperate to launch some new products to spur sales.
The VV-360 matched the design of the console-style VV-405, but in an upright cabinet configuration. It used the same inlaid veneer patterns on the front doors, along with similar leg designs as was featured on the VV-405. Like the other Art Case models, the VV-360 was intended to provide a premium choice for affluent buyers who preferred an upright Victrola to the newer flat-top consoles. However, retail sales for any type of Victrola were practically non-existent in late 1924, and production of the VV-360 was ended within a few months. 
All VV-360's have identical features, including gold plated hardware, an air-support lid, and a 4-spring motor. It was also configured to play Victor's "proposed" new, long-playing 14" records, which never became a reality. The 360 was only available in walnut.  The original 1924 selling price was $235.00, which equates to almost $3,600.00 in today's money.
Factory data indicated that only 285 Victrola 360's were produced, all in 1924.  However, based on the serial numbers of surviving examples, at least 1,250 were made. Approximately 180 VE-360's (electric powered) models were also produced. The electric motor option added $40.00 to the price.
As was the case for most Victrolas made in 1924, the VV-360 continued to be listed in Victor's 1925 product catalog.  Due to the lack of sales, it is quite likely that many VV-360 models were sold during Victor's well-advertised "half-price" sale during the summer of 1925. For more information on Victor's financial crisis of 1924-1925 and the overproduction of phonographs, please click here.

The survival database currently shows the earliest existent VV-360 to be S/N 506 and the latest to be S/N 1737

No surviving VE-360 models have been logged to date.

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