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The VI was a slight upgrade from the base VV-IV model, offering a 2-spring motor and slightly larger case. Production was started in October of 1911, and discontinued in 1925. Early models were available only in oak, After 1917, both oak and mahogany versions were produced. During the first few years of production, the VI came with a 10-inch turntable (left), which was upgraded to the full 12-inch size (right) after 1913. Final production versions as shown on the right have a slightly larger cabinet. The progressive suffix letters after the serial number indicate minor changes to the design (location of speed control, type of tonearm support, etc.). Unlike most Victrola models which started serizlization at s/n 501, serial numbers for the VV-VI started at approximately s/n 5400.


The original 1911 selling price of the VI was $25.00. At the end of the model run, it sold new for $35.00. An estimated total of 711,000 Victrola VI's were produced. 

The current collector database shows the earliest existent VV-VI to be S/N 5424 and the latest to be S/N 711718.

Manufacture Date Serial Number Range Feature Notes
1911 5400-10000 10-inch turntable, flat crank shank
1912 10000-44000 Some machines have an A suffix
1913 44000-68000 A or B suffices early in year. 12-inch turntable introduced at S/N 54501. C suffix late in year.
1914 68000-117000 C suffix ends at approximately S/N 86000. D suffix started around S/N 87600. E suffix started around S/N 97200.  F suffix started at S/N 103000. Round crank shank added and speed control moved to right front location with the start of F suffix. 
1915 117000-179500 F suffix. Many machines with an F suffix have a dash mark after the "VV-VI" identification. 
1916 179500-259000 F suffix
1917 259000-362000 F suffix for most of year. VI-A* designation used after 9/17
1918 362000-397000    
1919 397000-492500 VI-A* designation ceases during mid year. Latest VI-A in database is S/N 420545
1920 492500-583000  
1921 583000-596000  
1922 596000-618000  
1923 618000-651000 Larger cabinet introduced
1924 651000-689000  
1925 689000-711500


* Note: the "A" designator after the model indicates a revised motor design. The A was later dropped from the dataplate, but the improved motor remained

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