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The X was launched in late 1910 as one of the early tabletop models, replacing the unsuccessful VV-XII. It used a 12-inch turntable and had "Wall of Troy" decorative carving below the lid (left). The earliest of the tabletop X models used the bullet brake design; later versions used the tab brake. It is estimated that 15,500 tabletop versions were made before the X was converted to a floor model in 1912. The first floor version used unusual long Queen Anne legs, and looked like a table model sitting on a long-legged table. This is often called the "Spindle Leg" or "Spider Leg" Victrola (below right). Approximately 15,000 "Spider Leg" versions were produced. This design was not popular with the buying public, as indicated by the fact that Victor had to cut the retail price by 33% in the spring of 1913 in order to move the large unsold stock. One of the reasons for the failure of this design was likely the inconvenience of storing (and properly balancing) heavy record albums on the small open-ended storage shelf. 

In early 1913, the X was again transformed into a solid-sided conventional floor model Victrola (below left). The earliest solid sided X's used vertical record storage slats, which were converted to conventional horizontal album shelves in 1914. The Victrola X was discontinued in 1921. 

The X was available in either mahogany or oak, but mahogany was by far the most popular choice.

Data shows that large blocks of serial numbers were "skipped" on this model, particularly between style changes; thus, the serial number range will not necessarily match the production totals. 

The original 1910 selling price of the X was $75.00. At the end of its production run, the X sold for $110.00. Exact production volume is indeterminate, but an estimated total of 570,000 (all types included) Victrola X's were produced. Again, note that due to the large range of skipped (unused) production serial numbers on this model, the production total and highest serial number will not match.







The current collector database shows the earliest existent VV-X to be S/N 535 and the latest to be S/N 599723.

Manufacture Date Serial Number Range Feature Notes
1910 501-3000 Table model. First machines use bullet brake. 
1911 3000-12000    A suffix used after s/n 8800. Tab brake used on A suffix models. 
1912 12000-24000 Tabletop models have an A or B suffix. B suffix models used semi-circular speed bezel. Last tabletop model at approx s/n 15700. Block of serial numbers skipped before conversion to Spindle Leg model around s/n 16000. C and D suffix used on spindle leg models.
1913 24000-46000 Last spindle leg model approx s/n 30000. Conversion to full-sided floor model at approx s/n 32000. (Block of serial numbers skipped at conversion). First floor models are E suffix, with auto brake. Early full-side floor models have vertical record storage slats. F suffix late in year.
1914 46000-91000  F suffix used early in year. Many blocks of serial numbers skipped. G and H suffices used for brief period. H suffix models begin use of horizontal record shelves to replace vertical slats. J suffix added late in year.
1915 91000-152000 J suffix
1916 152000-245000 J suffix
1917 245000-357000 J suffix early in year. No suffix used for for s/n range 320000-340000. Small glass speed indicator added at S/N 320400.  X-A* designation used late in year at approx s/n 340000
1918 357000-414000  X-A* designation
1919 414000-490000   X-A* designation ended on some machines during mid year at approx s/n 458000 
1920 490000-554000  
1921 554000-600000  No. 2 Soundbox added

* Note: the "A" designator after the model indicates a revised motor design. The A was later dropped from the dataplate, but the improved motor remained 

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