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VV 50


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The VV-50 was the first portable Victrola model to be produced. Production began in the summer of 1921, and was ceased in 1924, although the VV-50 remained in the Victor catalog during the following year, being sold from warehoused remaining stock. It used a simple single-spring motor, and a wooden case made of oak or mahogany, with steel protectors on each corner. Early production versions had the cranks in the front of the case, but these were later moved to the right side of the instrument. There were immensely popular instruments during the "Roaring Twenties", as they allowed people to take their music with them to parks, picnics or outdoor events.

The original 1921 selling price of the VV-50  was $50.00. An estimated total of 152,600 Victrola 50's were produced. 








Manufacture Date Serial Number Range Feature Notes
1921 501-26200
1922 26201-61400             
1923 61401-86900            Crank moved to side position around s/n 84000
1924 86901-153400

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