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VV 35


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 The VV-35 was the second-generation of Victor portable phonographs. Introduced in 1924, it was a popular choice for people on the go, replacing Victor's more expensive first portable model, the VV-50. Unlike it's predecessor, this phonograph used a fabric cover over the wood case.  Internal storage was provided for up to 10 records, and the single-spring motor provided ample power to play 2 records on a single winding. Production lasted for only 2 years, and this model was discontinued with the introduction of the improved VV 1-5 and 1-6 models in 1926.

The original 1924 selling price of the VV-50  was $30.00. An estimated total of 60,000 Victrola 50's were produced. 






Manufacture Date Serial Number Range Feature Notes
1924 501-19000
1925 19001-53000             
1926 53001-62300      


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