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The Granada was one of the first four Orthophonic Victrola models that were introduced in late 1925. It was a flat-top console machine, with cabinet styling similar to the deluxe (and successful) pre-Orthophonic VV-405, which had been discontinued earlier in the year.  The Granada sold moderately well for a medium-priced machine, and remained in the Victor catalog until 1928; however, factory production of this model ceased at the end of 1926. The 4-4 was available only with a mahogany finish, and included an automatic brake and nickel plated hardware (an antique bronze finish was used at the end of the production run). 1925 production versions had no grille cloth covering the horn opening (left); in early 1926, a grille cloth was added to give it a more elegant appearance. Later in 1926, the horn design was changed from a simple (unfolded) exponential horn to a folded-horn design, giving the machine better bass response. The "Granada" name was changed to a "4-4" designation on the dataplate near the end of the production run. 

The original 1925 selling price of the 4-4 was $150.00. Factory production data states that 78,608 hand-wound Victrola 4-4's were produced, however, higher serial numbers have recently turned-up, indicating that more Granadas were likely made. It is fairly certain that Granda serial numbers never exceeded 80,000, since the follow-on 1927 model VV 4-40 serialization started at 80,000. Since the 4-4 and the 4-40 were very similar machines, the 4-40 is considered an "extension" of the Granada production. Thus, the 4-40 picked-up the serial number sequence where the Granada left off. For more information, see the section on the VV 4-40. 

The 4-4 was also available with an electric motor option (VE 4-4), and a total of 19,860 of these machines were produced.




The current collector database shows the earliest existent Granada to be S/N 534 and the latest to be S/N 79651.


The earliest existent Granada X is S/N 507 and the latest is S/N 12620

Manufacture Date Serial Number Range Feature Notes
1925 501-10500      No grille cloth over horn until s/n 20500
1926 10500-80000*         Folded horn introduced at s/n 39000, VV 4-4 designation started at s/n 61500
VE 4-4 Electric:         
1925 None
1926 501-20361 All VE 4-4's have a grille cover. VE 4-4 designation started at s/n 6200

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