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VV-111 / VE-111


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The VV-111 was an update of the VV-XVI/VV-120 models. This phonograph was introduced in late 1922 after VV-120 production had ceased. The 111 had more modern design features, such a a larger horn opening and a shallower lid. All VV-111's had the semi-automatic brake, gold plated hardware and a four-spring motor. Early 111's were produced only in mahogany or walnut, but oak became available in late 1924. All VV-111's had identical design features.  The 111 was discontinued in late 1925. Some VV-111's have a suffix letter after the serial number, but the use of these suffices do not appear to be consistent, and likely relate to machines intended for export. 

The original 1922 selling price of the VV-111 was $225.00. An estimated total of  22,738 spring-wound Victrola 111's were produced. 

Electric versions of the 111 were available for $40.00 extra. A total of 1,279 electric VE-111's were produced. Factory production figures appear to under-count the actual number produced.






The current collector database shows the earliest existent VV-111 to be S/N 628 and the latest to be S/N 23208

The earlier existent VE-111 is S/N 504 and the latest is S/N 1924.

Manufacture Date Serial Number Range Feature Notes
1922 501-14250      
1923 14250-21000       
1924 21000-23150       
1925 23150-23239    
VE-111 Electric:           
1922 501-1500    
1923 1500-1650     
1924-25 1650-?? (estimated to be >2000)     



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