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Victor V


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The Victor V started out as the "Victor D" model in 1903, and then was transitioned to Victor V nomenclature around 1906 when the tapered arm was first used, but there was some overlap in production with the identical D Model series. Selling for $60.00, it featured a large triple-spring motor, a brass horn, and a tapered tonearm. The cabinet was made of oak, and was larger than the Victor IV. The cabinet design was updated without the gingerbread carving (as shown on the right) around 1909. The Victor V was produced up until the early 1920's, by which time it's price had been raised to $67.50. Approximately 51,000 of these phonographs were produced (about 70,000 if Victor D production is included). During late production, some were produced with a mahogany finish, which is quite rare. At present, there is not a good correlation between serial number and production date for this model. Photograph shows a Victor V with the optional spearpoint wood horn. See information on the Victor D for more details.







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