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Design Details: Horns

A few details on some of the design features of External Horn Victor phonographs. Each sequential page covers one aspect of the evolving designs.

This series of links is for external horn models only! (Return to Design Directory Page to select information on Victrola models):

Note: the vast majority of Victor horns were of one of these styles. Some of the very basic models (such as the Victor Jr.) came with a very small horn and minimal decoration. However, a number of aftermarket companies could provide the Victor owner with any number of different colors or designs, including sterling silver, multi-colored, painted with flowers or other decorations, etc. These were usually sold after the phonograph left the Victor dealer. Non-Victor horns are not covered on this website.


Brass Horn. Most Victor models came "standard" with a painted brass horn, which was sized to match the phonograph (the costlier the model, the larger the horn). The "Nipper" logo appeared on a small decal located close to the horn opening. These horns used brass of relatively thin gauge, and were easily dented or damaged.








Flower Horn.  As an inexpensive option, a "flower" design horn could be purchased to upgrade a phonograph. Dealers usually carried these upgrades in stock, such that any basic Victor phonograph could be enhanced with the more elegant flower design. Some simply had a scalloped horn opening, and others came with optional hand-painted flower pictures on the inner opening areas (as seen on right). These also use the nipper decal near the horn opening. Depending on model, these horns would add $2.00 to $7.00 to the cost of the phonograph. Flower horns also came in a bright gold color for the more deluxe machines.







Wood Horn. The most deluxe and elegant horns were made of wood. Expensive phonographs, like the Victor VI, often came with a large wood horn; however, for most models, it was a rather expensive option. Victor wood horns came in two basic styles, and a variety of sizes. Finishes of oak or mahogany were available. The lowest cost wood horn was of a simple, smooth design, like the mahogany example shown on the right. Depending on model, wood horns would add $10.00 to $15.00 to the cost of the phonograph.








Another choice was the "Spearpoint" horn, which has small arrow-shaped decorations carved inside the horn opening.






Other Horns.  There were a number of aftermarket horns available to fit Victor phonographs, and a variety of different design and color combinations existed, many which were painted vivid colors or with unusual figures. Since these were not Victor products, they are not covered on this website. If your horn has a significantly different design from those shown above, and is lacking the Victor "Nipper" decal, it is likely an aftermarket product.


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