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VE 9-18 E


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The 9-18 was a radio/phonograph combination that shared its cabinet with another similar combination model, the VE 9-16 E. The 9-18 was introduced during the fall of 1928, a few months after the 9-16, and was a premium set utilizing a RCA Radiola 64 AM receiver and amplifier system, which was one of the best sounding and performing systems of the time. It included Victor's electric phonograph (without changer), and an electro-dynamic speaker. All 9-18's were produced using a combination of walnut and oak veneers in an Early English style cabinet.

The original 1927 selling price of the VE 9-16 was $925.00.  An estimated total of 3100 VE 9-18' s were produced until it was discontinued from the catalog in 1929. All VE 9-18's were manufactured during the latter part of 1928.








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