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VV-80 / VE-80


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The VV-80 was the lowest-price upright floor model introduced when Victor updated its product lineup in 1921. The 80 was a  small and basic phonograph, with a minimum of decoration. Trim was machined rather than hand-carved. All 80's had the semi-automatic brake and a two-spring motor. The VV-80 was available in  mahogany, oak or walnut, but the most popular choice was mahogany with a dark stain applied.  The earliest versions (left) had no record storage shelves; these were later added as standard equipment by the end of 1921. The VV-80 cabinet was updated in December 1922, with a much larger horn opening and a slightly larger cabinet (right). The VV-80 was discontinued from the Victor catalog in late 1925. 

The original 1921 selling price of the VV-80 was $100.00. An estimated total of 185,500 Victrola 80's were produced. 

A total of 75 VE-80 (electric) models were reportedly produced during 1924 and 1925, however, no accurate breakdown of per year production is yet possible. Serial numbers for the VE-80 models begin at 501 and end with 576.




The current collector database shows the earliest existent VV-80 to be S/N 516 and the latest to be S/N 185829. 

Manufacture Date Serial Number Range Feature Notes
1921 501-52500 Earliest production models have no storage shelves
1922 52500-74500    Larger cabinet and doors introduced at s/n 74362  
1923 745000-114000       
1924 114000-167000     Yellow felt platter cover introduced at s/n 137430  
1925 167000-186000   

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