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Victor E  with Flower Horn Serial Number 60975 

Build Date:  1905

Originality:   1   Pure original condition, except for turntable felt!

Overall Condition:   3-  Great condition for a 100% original early machine, including horn. Slight crazing and minor wear.

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The Victor E was an early model first introduced by The Victor Talking Machine Co. in November, 1902.  It was initially marketed as the "Monarch Jr.", and later became the Victor II when the Roman Numeral model designations were introduced. Like all external-horn Victor phonographs, the Victor E is considered very collectable. This particular example, in our opinion, is an exceptional find for several reasons. Firstly, it is a great original; no restoration work has been done excepting for mechanical overhaul of the motor and soundbox, and replacement of the turntable felt.  The cabinet, horn and all hardware are all original with the machine. Secondly, the cabinet finish is 100% untouched with a wonderful patina.  It has the original medium-size Victor flower horn with Japanned Black finish, and the horn still shines. While there are a few scratches and dings, and some spots where the paint has worn thin, it is better than 95% of the horns we come across. None of the usual big dents and mangled panels that are usually found. The original Victor decal is present, but faded somewhat, and the gold pinstriping is strong. When new, this Victor retailed for $25.00, equivalent to almost $650.00 in today's money. This is a smaller machine than the Victor "M" we have listed online, so if a flower-style horn appeals to you in a more-compact package that will comfortably fit on an end-table or large shelf, this would be a good choice.

The nickel-plated hardware is solid, but has worn-through in a few spots.  We have left the machine completely original, as most collectors prefer an untouched machine. It performs remarkably well, with the original bevel-gear motor "buzz", that is typical of these early models.  This machine is truly for the buyer looking for a totally original early Victor Phonograph, and wants a exceptional example.

You can find more on the Victor E by clicking here.  As with all our phonographs, it comes with our 2 year unconditional performance warranty.



PRICE: $1850.00

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