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Catalog of Phonographs For Sale

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Please scroll down the entire page to see our online listings! This is only a fraction of our total inventory. If you don't see what you are looking for, please ask!!


Please read the "How to Order" section regarding a purchase!


Listing Update Effective: September 16, 2018



After relocating our operations from Michigan to South Carolina, we have recently started the lengthy process of listing our available inventory online. New machines will be added here regularly, so please be patient as we get these new listings prepared and posted. We do not anticipate having our full catalog listed until the spring of 2019, as there are many machines to prepare for sale. Email us if you want high quality photographs sent to you, or if you don't see what you are looking for. Simply click on "How to Order" (above) to reach us directly. 


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Victor II with Standard Brass Horn

Victor M with Flower Horn

Victrola VV-XVI in Golden Oak Waxed Finish 

Victor V with Spearpoint Horn

Victrola VV-XVI in American Walnut Finish

Victor III Dark Oak with Spearpoint Wood Horn 

Spectacular Victrola VE-230 in American Walnut

Victor V with Oak Spearpoint Horn

Victrola VV-XVII in Early English Oak

Brunswick 3XRQ Radio-Phonograph

Victrola VV-XIV in Weathered Oak

Victor III with Smooth Oak Horn

Victor III with Spearpoint Horn

VV-XVI Type E in Red Mahogany

Victor II with Standard Brass Horn

Early VV-XVI "L-Door" in Fumed Oak

Victor D with Spearpoint Horn and
Bowfront Salter Base Cabinet

Victrola VV-XII and
Matching Salter Base Cabine

Victor III with Large Brass Horn

Victrola Early VTLA

Victrola 8-12 Orthophonic

Victor I with Brass Horn

Victrola IX with Matching "Auto-Eject" Base Cabinet

Victor E with Flower Horn

Victor "0" with Flower Horn

Fantastic Original XVI Type B Weathered Oak

Victor V with Large Brass Horn

Victrola XVI Type D "L-Door" in Mahogany

Victrola XVI Type E in Golden Oak

Credenza with Brass Sound Box

Victrola XVI Type D in Golden Oak Spectacular Original

Victor M with Oak Spearpoint Horn

Early Victor MS with Large Brass Horn

Victrola VE-XVIII

Victor IV with Flower Horn

Magnificent Victrola 10-50 Automatic Changer

Victor III with Smooth Oak Horn