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VV-XVI "L-door"  Serial Number 15009 Type B  

Build Date:  September, 1909

Originality:   1  Absolutely awesome original, including turntable felt

Overall Condition:   2+  Incredible original condition. Untouched finish.

(See the Ratings/Condition page for our grading scales)


We are offering one of the finest all-original examples of an early XVI that we have had the pleasure to sell in over 40 years of involvement in the hobby. This one is truly a "killer"; it will be a long time until another one this nice (and unique) comes along.

The first Victrola introduced (in August 1906) was the "L-door" design cabinet. This design remained in production, with only minor changes to trim and hardware, until 1912, when it was replaced with a more conventional "modern" cabinet design. The early L-door models were very expensive when new ($200.00 then, which equates to $5,000.00 in today's money) and only wealthy buyers could afford to purchase them. Unlike the lower-cost outside-horn machines, relatively few of these pricey floor model machines were made during the early years of phonograph production. Due to their historical significance and scarcity, L-door machines are prized by collectors today. Even more interesting is that this early machine was produced in an optional weathered oak (dark) finish. The vast majority of Victrolas were made with a mahogany finish, with Golden Oak running a distant second, so this dark oak is certainly a rare machine. The finish is 100% untouched, as is the hardware, looking nearly as nice as it did when it came from the factory in 1909. Even the turntable felt is original!  This XVI performs strongly via the 3-spring motor and correct Exhibition soundbox. It has the correct early "Victor-Victrola" decal, which was changed to just "Victrola" in December of 1909.

This is an absolutely stunning machine, and would stand-up as a showpiece in any world-class collection. It is correct and complete in all respects. It represents the fine craftsmanship of the very early Victrola products, in a special-ordered finish, making it a very historically significant model.  Those of you who have dealt with us in the past know that we rate VERY few machines in the "#2" category, because they have to be darn-near perfect. Well, this one certainly qualities. We would rate this a strong #1 condition, except for; 1) a very small "chip" on the left rear section of the motorboard, 2) a few extremely small dings (less than 1/32") on one of the lower corners, and 3) some minor age tarnish on the gold hardware. These small imperfections would have to be pointed-out to notice, and even then, most people wouldn't consider them worth a second glance.  It would be near-impossible to find a nicer original than this one. L-door XVI's in mahogany in "average" attic-stored ondition are relatively easy to come by, and can be found on Ebay for around $600.00.  But as they say with antiques, "condition is everything".  Add to that, the dark oak finish option and unbelieveable 109 year preservation of this machine, and we have priced it appropriately for the market. This is intended for the individual who demands total originality and near-perfection in their purchases. This would be an exceptional addition to a fine antique collection or as a great conversation piece in an upscale entry-way or family room. For more information on the XVI series, please click here.

As with all our phonographs, the motor, soundbox and all mechanical components have recently been torn down, cleaned and correctly rebuilt. It comes with our 2 year unconditional performance warranty.

 PRICE: $2750.00




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